What We Do


Our arm offers a turnkey solution for home-based patient monitoring by leveraging the power of technology. We present a simple solution for preventative population health management that not only helps our clients extend their reach to patients, but also empowers chronically ill patients and their families with the resources and confidence to self-manage non-critical events from the comfort of their homes. A dedicated team of providers, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, coordinators, and technical support staff partner with our clients and their care managers from the onset and remain closely connected to ensure the success of our “continuum of care” initiative.

ADNAB Research acknowledges the dearth of health care resources and recognizes that no wave of a magic wand can make that go away. We focus on partnering with medical groups to alleviate their burden in both resource utilization and financial cost management. We do not help keep patients away which is what population health management can often be misconstrued for. Instead, we watch, observe, and learn and teach systems to optimize care pathways and channelize patient’s needs without over pressuring Physicians who can then concentrate on more critical cases.

An at-home patient monitoring system that is truly outcomes based.

  • Virtual Care model that is not platform dependent
  • Automated health measurement and real time transmission
  • Command center control and clinical resource allocation
  • Communication pipeline that streams in critical health determinants
  • Disease Management for value-based organizations
  • Proven results with 57% less hospitalizations and ER visits, and 50% less bed-days
  • Effective solution that pays much more and costs much less

ADNAB Research take patient satisfaction seriously because we know that it is a batour clients expect. Our health management workflows create timely engagement, provide condition assessments which lead to improved quality of life, and happy patients.

High Risk Management

Our approach incudes stratification of patients, so that higher risk patients receive the added attention they need, be it more frequent outreach, assisted support at home, medication reconciliations or DME provisions.

Preventative Care for Rising Risk

Our technology caters to lower risk patients facilitating health check reminders, voice, and video contact with providers for faster addressing of minor concerns and disbursement of education content that encourages them develop healthier habits.